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Team B

PvProstitute, Jul 28, 11 8:34 AM.
Everyone in the core team B should have gotten a letter asking them to confirm to Set Team meaning that by agreeing your agreeing to be able to make the set times and schedule.If you don't respond or Whisper (Claire) between now and August 5th your spot may be taken.Try to get back at her asap.

Rated,A,B, and C

PvProstitute, Jul 26, 11 4:04 AM.
I have started on our 3rd team C, I still don't know if this will be the set team.I don't like what I'm seeing gear wise. However i switched some people around from A to B to C and so fourth.But all in all this is what is best and what will take our guild-hoes furthur.Any questions Please ask

Rated Bg Team A:5:30pm (SERVER)

Rated Bg Team B:6:00pm (SERVER)

Rated Bg Team C: (No Set Time)

Hardcore PWN!

PvProstitute, Jul 25, 11 6:05 PM.
WELCOME TO THE GUILD WEBSITE OF HARDCORE PWNOGRAPHY!!!!! Remember,we like to watch PWN we like to experience PWN!! None of that Softcore shit its rough,hot,sweaty,intense,HARDDCORE PWNOGRAPHY!!! We dont share our PWN with weaklings who cant handle the PWN!! Dont keep the PWN to yourself share it with others cause its HARDCORE PWNOGRAPHY BITCH!!! PvP? More like PvPWN!!!!

Rated Teams and times!

PvProstitute, Jul 25, 11 5:16 PM.
I have set up our Core Teams for those of you who haven't been keeping up to date with our activity and PvProgressi.on as a guild.The new teams have been rearranged look at the information tab at the top Left side of our page.

Guild News will be added up here frequently as new events  come up check out the site to find out more.
Claire and Skrillex are the people you need to talk too about any questions  you have based on what you see on our site

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Korialstrasz (PvE)
we are looking for any Hardcore PvPr's Looking to get geared and PvP.But if your Lf harder PvP rolls.The requirements are much higher,Such as:Healers 3.6k Resil Minimum.We are recruiting all classes of all specs,but are LF specific classes/spec per Rbg Team.Already have 2 Core teams.
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